The World That Never Was


3/10/2014 - Video



64 year old cosplayer, I’m not sure that is sad or cool, but he sure knows how to cosplay!

What do you mean sad, this is super cool!

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3/9/2014 - Video


In July every year we have an event called ” Secret Gardens ” Last year we visited some of the best decorated backyards in the neighborhood and this guy had turned the complete backyard into a pond and gardens. The backyard was about 150 feet wide by 50 feet deep and a pond covered 85% of his lot. This 3 level pond was just beautiful and equipped with a filter hidden behind some bushes. The deep end about 4 feet was at the base of the falls, so I guess he left the fish there for the winter. At least this guy had no lawn to cut ! 

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2/10/2014 - Video


My moss terrarium that I made with my Grandmother’s old tea kettle that she gave to me. In the terrarium are mosses, grasses, rocks, and clovers. One clover decided to sprout through the spout :)

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2/10/2014 - Quote

All the old poetry makes sense when you look at one whom you have loved.
— Lestat (via jardinsalvaje)

1/22/2014 - Video


A few shots from the Metal Gear Rising artbook.

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1/6/2014 - Video


Eren , Mikasa ,Rivalle and Jean from Attack on Titans

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